Loan despite mini-job

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If you’re making a living through mini-jobs and need a loan, chances are not too good. After all, most banks are very concerned about security and require that borrowers have a secure job. Although you also have rights as a mini-jobber, your job is not as secure as a permanent employee. For this reason, you will probably only be granted loans for smaller sums.

If the bank still gets involved and wants to deny you a loan, you have several options. Especially important is a clean private credit – debt in the past will reduce future credit opportunities many times over. Apart from that, it is helpful if you can name a guarantor who will pay for the repayment of the loan in an emergency.

So you get a loan despite Minijob

So you get a loan despite Minijob

Even if you have received a cancellation from your house bank, this is no reason to give up. Especially as a mini jobber, it pays off to search the Internet for cheap loan offers. Many online banks offer loans where you can benefit from low interest rates and a long term.

However, it is important that you clarify before borrowing whether the repayment is within the limits of what is feasible. If your income is just barely enough to earn a living, a loan is not exactly an advantage in spite of a mini-job. However, if your partner has a high income or you can prove that you have free money every month, a loan is possible despite the mini-job ,

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