Month: June 2019

What is a credit surrender?

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What is a credit surrender? The repurchase of credit is a credit consolidation action where all of your outstanding loans are combined into ONE loan with ONE monthly payment and ONE debt ratio. Financial organizations offer this transaction to help you honor your bank loans to avoid over- indebtedness. What is a credit surrender? By […]

Loan despite mini-job

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If you’re making a living through mini-jobs and need a loan, chances are not too good. After all, most banks are very concerned about security and require that borrowers have a secure job. Although you also have rights as a mini-jobber, your job is not as secure as a permanent employee. For this reason, you […]

Solution for managing your expenses and income – payday loan consolidation

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A review of your income and expenses will allow you to see more clearly about your various loans in progress, the repayment of which becomes too heavy for you. It will be easier for you to identify the credits that will ideally be grouped together: work loans, car loans, leisure loans… Once the balance sheet […]

Private loan: how does the rules work?

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How do home loans work? Is it something honest and safe? The loan between individuals has its advantages and disadvantages. This form of loan is made through family or friends. It is an option for those people who can not or do not want to get involved with banking entities. In practice, it means that […]

Banks and mortgage loan terms

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The subject relating to the real estate sector in Belgium is at the origin of several political debates. The Belgian finance market is at the center of discussions. These are the mortgage credit terms. Banks tend to use it as a major down payment. Bank analyzes for mortgage credit terms The bankel decided on the […]